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G’day guys, Darren and Ben Cosgrove from Woozy Picnic Tables here!

We are a family owned and operated woodwork business. I am qualified Carpenter and Darren has 22 years in the timber milling industry. We locally source the timber from Sunshine Coast Queensland and all of the materials, and each table is lovelingly hand crafted. From the joining, to the sanding and painting, it's all done by us. We offer custom orders where you can pick from a range of; wine or beer cup holders, a dip and crackers recess and even a spot for an ice bucket. We've now expanded our designs to include a rectangular table, a picnic basket that folds out into a table (wine holders are standard inclusion, In addition to our crowd favorite and original surfboard design. We offer collection in both the Nambour and Gympie regions and offer delivery Australia wide. We hope enjoy your adventures,  


Our Story: It was the summer of 2020, I was having a beer watching the surf trying to juggle between snacks, more beer & many failed attempts to keep the wildlife at bay!⁠

I happened to notice that it wasn't just me struggling with this issue, as I looked around people had come up with their own ways of coping. ⁠

One couple had a homemade ply square table, I thought to myself, that it would be easy to make! It would be even cooler if we could design a surfboard style with nice timber grain... So I called my dad Darren and ran him over the idea, you guessed, he loved it! ⁠

The whole process was a bit of trial and error. Our first table was a bit of a doozy and I said to my dad ‘gee that’s a doozy of a table’ as I sipped my beer. ⁠

Dad said ‘I’m surprised you cut it out straight’, I replied ‘hahaha she’s a bit of a woozy one’ and that's how we came up with ‘Woozy Picnic Tables’!⁠

Stay Woozy Baby 

Woozy Picnic Tables


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